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Psalm 19 Rewritten*

God’s Generosity in Creation and in The Instructions

The heavens are telling the glory of God,

and the universe proclaims His artistry.

Day to day pours forth poetry,

and night to night reveals wisdom.

There is no audible voice,

nor is there writing on the wall;

their manifestations are not "traceable,"

yet their melody goes out through all the earth

and their communication throughout the galaxies.

In the heavens He has set a tent for the sun,

which emerges like a bride for her wedding,

and like an ultra runner,

the sun completes its course with joy.

Its rising is from the end of the heavens

and its circuit is to the other end of them,

and nothing is hidden from its heat.

The instructions of the Lord are a vision,

giving the soul the sense of possibility, of hope.

The "rule of life" of the Creator is trustworthy,

making wise those who are open.

The priorities of God are surprisingly good,

resonating with the deepest part of our hearts.

The proverbs of Christ make radical sense,

enchanting our ordinary lives.

Deep respect for our Creator is inevitable,

and only increases as we age;

the map for living that God has given us is

simply gorgeous and breathtakingly just.

God’s gift of instructions is better than

winning the lottery - yes, it is more valuable

than making more money!

God’s map for how to live tastes better than

the most decadent wine and cheese plate.

Having it saves me from so much pain,

so much unnecessary struggle and despair.

Recognizing and receiving these instructions

as God's grand romantic gesture changes


But who among us really knows our own

privilege, who doesn’t have blindspots?

Forgive me for how often I “know not what I do”

or why I actually do it, or what happens

"downstream" from me - in my own family,

the global family, the plant & animal family,

and the future generations - because of

what I do, and don't do.

Protect me from arrogance and entitlement.

Do not let me forget that whatever "good"

I do, whatever I "accumulate," Someone

helped me; I'm always-already on

the receiving end of God's gifts of grace.

Then I will be sensitive to my complicity in

any and all injustice, fracture, and conflict,

and free from the great mistake of

exonerating myself, of pointing the finger.

Let my attempt to digest your instructions

delight you, oh Lord, my capital “S”

Security, the Maestro of the universe,

and of my little life.

*A very liberal paraphrase, written for fun and without studying any commentaries or concordances,

in response to Andy's contextualizing of the 10 Commandments

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