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How to Follow Jesus in Daily Life - Famous Last Words 2 - Mathew 28:16-20

We continue our discipleship series by following up with last week's exploration of Matthew 28:16-20 - also known as the Great Commission. In this episode we get into the Meat & Potatoes of Discipleship (Apprenticing / Following). What is involved? What are we supposed to "make" exactly? And how do we do it?

Jesus calls us into a complete reorientation of our lives around him and then calls us to point others to that same allegiance. But he doesn't leave us alone, He is the Master and we are His apprentices. And the classroom is all of life every day!

Resource Links from tis Episode:

testimony worksheet
Download PDF • 64KB

testimony fill in the blanks
Download PDF • 15KB

Kaleo Abbey _ April 2020 - Handout
Download PDF • 98KB

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